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Builden Core Value: Legal Marketer Opinions Matter

July 28, 2022

Often making magic behind the scenes, legal marketers bring marketing, communications, business development and operations expertise to advance initiatives in their firms.

At Builden, we value the power these marketing gurus have in helping law firms achieve their goals—and acknowledge that it is rare that in-house marketers receive credit as knowledgeable business advisors.

Builden empowers and encourages legal marketers to step out from behind the curtain and embrace their role as drivers within the industry.

Here’s more on why legal marketer opinions matter to Builden:

Acting as an Extension of Firm Marketing Departments

Builden’s senior team grew up at law firms, allowing us to draw on that knowledge, experience and perspective to advise law firm clients. By the same token we understand the demands marketing and business development professionals face day-to-day. By taking the time to understand our client’s attorneys, practice areas and industry teams, we can act as an extension of their in-house team.

Consistently Anticipate Questions and Provide Next Steps

We understand the value of our client’s time and view our preparation as key to their success. Researching best practices, timelines and costs allows us to better frame our client’s needs and focus on big-picture projects.

Stay Focused Towards a Common Goal

Our team understands that attorneys often resort to random acts of marketing. Builden empowers legal marketers to ensure their knowledge and experience is leveraged to keep attorneys laser-focused on their strategic goals.

Sharing our opinions as legal marketers is just one of the values that makes Builden stand out. Our core values are:

These shared values direct how we work with clients, how we engage with each other and our hiring process. We weave each of these standards into our daily work, giving clients unparalleled value and creating a positive team culture.

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