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Builden Core Value: The Process Behind “Process-Driven”

February 9, 2022

Whether it’s creating web content, drafting award submissions or launching a firm’s brand, Builden has a process to meet clients where they are and drive results to meet marketing and visibility goals. What clients don’t see are the “behind the curtain” benefits of a clear process, such as seamless onboarding for new team members.

Attorneys often approach marketing and business development arbitrarily as random acts of marketing. At Builden, we understand that incorporating processes helps firms simplify these efforts so attorneys can get back to billable work.

Here is what being “process-driven” means to us and the steps we apply to streamline a law firm’s marketing success:

  1. Document Existing Processes

Documenting the methods for frequently occurring projects is the starting point for this core value.

Our team reflects on the steps it takes each stakeholder to complete marketing tactics and records those in a document accessible to the entire team. This ensures consistency and provides an easy reference for new team members.

  1. Developing New Processes

While the goal of documenting procedures is to maintain consistency, a “one-size fits all” approach doesn’t work for each project. We create methods tailored to each client.

When working on a new assignment, our team chronicles the steps from ideation to post-mortem follow up. In essence, recording the approach is part of the project.

Developing new processes involves active participation and input from each member of our team, as well as a willingness to accept new ideas and opinions that inevitably improve future processes.

  1. Continuously Update Processes

What worked before may not always work going forward. Builden understands the importance of adjusting processes along the way to capitalize on new tools and trends.  

We involve all team members, even those only responsible a few steps, which helps provide new perspectives about what works well – and just as important, what doesn’t.

 A commitment to being process-driven is just one of the core values that make Builden’s business strong. Our core values are:

  • Process-driven
  • Every detail matters
  • Grow our people
  • Law firm marketer opinions matter
  • Add value all the time
  • Feedback is a gift

These shared values direct how we work with clients, how we engage with each other and our hiring process. We weave each of these standards into our daily work, giving clients unparalleled value and creating a positive team culture.

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