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A law firm’s website is its most important tool for communicating with current clients, engaging prospects and putting its best foot forward for the all-important talent.

An outdated or difficult-to-navigate firm website can be detrimental to a firm’s marketing success.

Builden leverages its team’s extensive experience managing website design projects to guide firms through decisions on branding, imagery, functionality and the tools that will be of most value. Our law firm website redesign process gives firms custom websites with the longest possible shelf life.

With a more modern and compelling site, firms reinforce their credentials to close opportunities with new clients through visual and written content that best captures their brand and the client experience.

As part of our redesign process, we ensure:

  • The firm understands the implications of decisions made throughout the redesign process
  • Firm lawyers are not burdened with day-to-day redesign management issues
  • The project moves forward on time and on budget

Our sound understanding of law firm websites means the site is designed, developed and launched as quickly and easily as possible.

With our team’s experience and knowledge of law firm website vendor contracts and SEO, we take the burden off the law firm and create effective and compelling websites – with much less attorney time devoted to the process.

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