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Builden understands that an attorney’s success in negotiations does not always translate to success in growing a book of business. Few law schools train on the business development, marketing and operations skills necessary to build, grow and run a law firm.  

Our deep understanding of the legal industry’s business development tactics and cross-selling strategies give us the insight to help attorneys maximize relationships and grow their practices.  

By implementing Builden’s process-driven and individually tailored business development coaching, firms can help attorneys deliver on their book-of-business promises and turn talent into rainmakers. Our team offers:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Firmwide cross-selling collaboration training
  • Associate and new partner coaching
  • Women’s rainmaker workshops
  • Pitch-preparation coaching
  • Custom coaching programs created to best suit each lawyer’s or practice group’s needs

By implementing Builden’s Business Development Coaching model of one-on-one guidance for individual attorneys and group coaching for an additional level of peer accountability, law firms can achieve measurable results.

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