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Ushering in New Firm Leadership During a Pandemic

Golan Christie Taglia

In the midst of a global pandemic, Midwest-based law firm Golan Christie Taglia LLP (GCT) faced both a leadership change and an adjustment in its workplace culture as operations shifted to working from home. GCT engaged Builden Partners to design and execute a strategy to celebrate the firm’s successes despite these challenges and usher in a new era with a new managing partner.

Builden helped the firm assess the pain points felt by attorneys and staff related to COVID’s effect on their work environment, focusing on the perceived disconnect from a culture that had been familial and strong pre-pandemic. By addressing the team’s concerns head-on and providing context to the leadership change, attorneys and staff better understood the drivers behind the transition and the positive developments on the horizon.

Firm leadership also met one-on-one with each attorney and staff member to take a pulse of the firm and capture their ideas on enhancing workplace culture with a renewed focus on two-way communication.

Builden helped GCT publicly celebrate its outgoing managing partner’s legacy, highlighting the strong foundation he fostered during three decades of leadership and seamlessly paving the way for a new style of leadership communication at the firm.

Concurrently, Builden developed a comprehensive internal and public-facing marketing plan to announce the incoming managing partner. By creating and articulating his vision for the firm, new internal operating procedures and his plan to support clients through the pandemic, he stood well-positioned for the success that followed.

Today GCT is thriving with a keen eye towards developing up-and-coming attorneys and helping clients navigate and thrive post-pandemic. Builden bolstered the firm’s foundation of client service, trust and open communication at all levels.