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A strong marketing plan helps law firms reach new and existing clients, recruit better talent and drive revenue – if developed and executed effectively.  

However, law firms with fewer than 150 attorneys often cannot justify an in-house legal marketing team needed to take their business growth and development to the next level. Without the appropriate marketing resources that are available to larger law firms, many small and midsize law firms struggle to achieve name recognition and reach their growth potential. 

Builden is the solution.  

By serving as an outsourced legal marketing department, we provide law firms with the complete value of a traditional tiered marketing team in a cost-efficient manner. When firms partner with us as a law firm marketing agency, they receive senior-level strategic resources and detail-oriented coordinator-level service to successfully implement a variety of projects and initiatives. Builden’s law firm marketing solution stops law firms from overpaying a marketing director who becomes mired in tactics or hiring a junior marketing resource who cannot advance strategy.  

By implementing our Marketing Infrastructure Model, firms can better leverage the accomplishments and recognition their attorneys already achieve and ensure every win, award and thought leadership piece gains the traction it deserves. This approach allows law firms to stay top-of-mind with both clients and prospects in a sustainable way while freeing up attorneys to do what they do best: service their clients. 

Outsourced marketing solutions include: 

  • Auditing departments to assess the allocation of resources 
  • Launching new firms and opening new offices 
  • Rebranding existing firms 
  • Reviewing and updating existing communication strategies and platforms 
  • Positioning attorneys for thought leadership opportunities 
  • Developing social media law firm marketing strategies to better engage with clients and prospects  
  • Creating on-brand imagery for social media 
  • Providing training for attorneys to leverage social media for business development 
  • Generating internal communications to build engagement with attorneys and staff 
  • Driving recognition by managing awards and rankings opportunities 
  • Business development coaching 

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