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Builden Core Value: Grow Our People

May 18, 2022

A company can only be as successful as its people, so Builden Partners concentrates on fostering a team of skilled professionals as dedicated to their own development as we are.

Here’s how we emphasize growing our people:

Continuous Learning

Committed to broadening our industry knowledge, we encourage team members to share new ideas and strategies with their colleagues in a dedicated “Key Learnings” section of our weekly team meeting.

Creating regular opportunities to share knowledge results in a collaborative work environment where we learn from one another, regardless of seniority.

Providing Feedback

Builden believes in the power of feedback to advance our people. We encourage team members to seek both positive and constructive feedback on projects, whether from colleagues or clients.

We track the team’s progress on key job responsibilities and document feedback, creating an open and transparent environment where each member of the team feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas.


Once someone masters a task at Builden, they progress to increasingly challenging projects, while guiding more junior colleagues through the task they just learned. This allows others to advance their skills, provides mentorship opportunities and results in better service to our clients.

A commitment to growing our people represents only one of the core values that set Builden apart. Our six core values are:

These shared values direct how we work with clients, how we engage with each other and our hiring process. We weave each of these standards into our daily work, giving clients unparalleled value and creating a positive team culture.

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