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Builden Core Value: It’s All in the Details

March 16, 2022

Builden understands that a firm’s marketing success lies in the details, big or small, setting our strategies apart from the rest.  

Here’s why every detail matters to Builden:

Maintaining Brand Consistency

Developing a cohesive brand requires consistency throughout all forms of communication and marketing materials. Builden creates individual style guides for each client outlining the branding and language they use to ensure the firm’s voice remains uniform across channels.

Documenting these details provides our clients with comfort, flexibility and the knowledge that each member of the Builden team understands their style and preferences.    

Building Strong Relationships

Approaching client work in a detail-oriented way provides clients realistic expectations to meet their goals while working within specific guidelines and parameters.

We strive for a “Yes” – or close to one – when presenting clients with ideas and opportunities by actively documenting their priorities to understand what is important to the client and project. 

Developing Team Members

In addition to our clients, this attention to detail benefits Builden’s team members’ professional development. Integrating a thorough review process allows us to provide feedback that strengthens their work in the long run.

One of Builden’s policies is to print everything and welcome feedback from team members that maintains the consistency and effectiveness of our work.

A dedication to details is just one of the core values that differentiate Builden. Our core values are:

  • Process-driven
  • Every detail matters
  • Grow our people
  • Law firm marketer opinions matter
  • Add value all the time
  • Feedback is a gift

These shared values direct how we work with clients, how we engage with each other and our hiring process. We weave each of these standards into our daily work, giving clients unparalleled value and creating a positive team culture.

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