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Jocelyn Brumbaugh Discusses Law Firm Marketing Tactics on the Be That Lawyer Podcast

October 5, 2021

Builden Partners Founder Jocelyn Brumbaugh recently joined business development consultant Steve Fretzin on the Be That Lawyer podcast to discuss how a process-driven marketing strategy allows law firms to fully leverage content.

In the episode, “Leveraging the Marketing Gold in Your Firm,” Jocelyn explains the drawbacks of law firms’ “random acts of marketing” approach to content development and how Builden’s five-step Marketing Infrastructure Model enables firms to capitalize on their strengths.

“There are so many good things happening at firms that they can use as touchpoints, but they often don’t think about news in the way that we do at Builden,” Jocelyn said. “By taking that news and consistently applying these five steps, firms can raise their profile with their clients and prospects.”

Click here for the full episode.

Builden is changing the way law firms think about marketing by turning random acts of marketing into strategies that drive business development. Our seasoned team of legal marketers help firms of all sizes better engage with clients, prospects and talent.

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