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Marketing 9 to 5: How Lawyers Can Integrate Marketing Into Everyday Operations

June 24, 2024

You’ve tumbled out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen, poured yourself a cup of ambition, yawned, stretched and come to life. Now what?

What Ms. Parton did not mention in her lyrics was marketing throughout her 9 to 5. It’s no secret that lawyers did not go into practicing law to focus on marketing, and Builden knows that pushing attorneys to write more, speak more or sell more, is not sustainable for long-term success.

Attorneys can build small marketing processes into their workday. Building these habits, especially for associates and young partners, will make these efforts feel like second nature instead of a chore.

Plus, your day is probably longer than Dolly’s 9 to 5!

On your morning commute: Whether the “traffic starts jumpin’” or if you have an easy walk to your home office, take five minutes in the morning to think of an answer to the question, “What’s new with you?” that is going to drive business development. Someone is going to ask you this question today – a colleague, a client or prospect – and your answer should never be “nothing.”

By being prepared with an answer that highlights a current case you are working on or a recent speaking engagement, you can naturally showcase your expertise.

It also opens the door to have an organic conversation that may not have happened otherwise that uncovers cross-selling opportunities or client needs.

In your weekly practice group meeting: Large firms with an in-house marketing team and small or midsize firms with a small or no marketing presence should add “marketing efforts” to your standing meeting agendas. Working in silos and not communicating with fellow partners about marketing outreach puts the firm at risk of looking uncoordinated to clients and prospects.

Be sure to ask about upcoming events, targets, client feedback and marketing dollars to get the team on the same page. Even a five-minute discussion can ensure everyone is rowing together.

On lunch: While waiting in line at Sweetgreen, take a moment to engage with two or three posts on LinkedIn. A “like” or “comment” can go a long way in LinkedIn’s algorithm and push your name into your connections’ feeds. Comment or “share” with your insights attached for a quick way to position yourself as a thought leader in your field.

If the line is moving fast and you don’t have time to craft a thoughtful comment, scroll through and request to join one or two industry-specific groups that are relevant to your client base. Your voice should be in the spaces your clients and prospects are viewing. By joining these groups, their posts, questions and news will be pushed directly into your feed so you can interact in an astute way the next time you have a longer lunch break.

When you’re pretending to pay attention in the off-camera presentation: This is a judgment-free zone here, but we are realists here at Builden, and we know that sometimes the second screen is used for online shopping. If you’re already multitasking, use that time to update your email marketing contact list.

The firm’s email updates are only as powerful as the audience they reach. By ensuring your clients and contacts are on that list, you are guaranteeing they receive firm news and value-added updates and the firm stays top-of-mind regularly.

At your CLE presentation: Every professional development event can double as a prime networking opportunity, and frequently, firms hosting will pair CLEs with a happy hour or mixer before the presentation. By strategically leveraging these events for networking, attorneys can make meaningful connections. Steps such as preparing an elevator pitch, asking insightful questions and making valuable introductions can help you make the most of these opportunities.

Don’t forget your business cards! Even in a digital age, a business card can be a tangible reminder of your encounter.

Bonus tip – use the information you gather at these events and put it into your calendar for easy touchpoints. Nuggets of information such as work anniversaries, upcoming vacations and birthdays can add a personal touch to regular client communications.

Juggling a busy legal practice with meaningful marketing efforts is “enough to drive you crazy if you let it.” Developing long-term habits for success starts with developing processes that work for your routine and goals. At Builden, we help attorneys find their rhythm with processes that drive success.

Being strategic by weaving small marketing practices into your 9 to 5 can make every day feel less like “barely gettin’ by” and more like thriving in your marketing efforts.

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