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The Importance of Chicago Law Firm Web Content

Potential clients search the internet for credible attorneys with requisite matter experience, as well as detailed information on how they can best handle the issues they or their business are facing. Although having an informative website for a law firm is a great start, it is not enough.

If a firm’s website is lacking blog posts, news releases or other thought leadership content, this could very well lower their profile to prospective clients in the market and have a potentially negative effect on client retention strategies.

Chicago Attorney Content Creation

Builden Partners helps Chicago lawyers publish compelling thought leadership content that provides current and potential clients legal insight on key business issues. Keeping clients informed about high-profile case updates, legislative changes and the ramifications of these developments is an important step in positioning lawyers as knowledgeable on the evolving legal landscape and forward-thinking about issues important to their clients.

Showcasing Chicago Lawyers’ Thought Leadership

Simply putting a badge or paragraph on an attorney bio is a good first step, but Builden’s process helps Chicago lawyers capture significant wins, awards and other firm news in a meaningful way, fully leveraging these activities for top marketing value.

The first step is promoting the news in the form of website posts, but we know lawyers cannot stop there. Hosting webinars and presentations as well as receiving an appointment by an industry or legal association or being named to a prestigious ranking list are all important achievements. When these wins are strategically promoted to their full extent, it boosts attorney and firm credibility among the law firm’s clients and prospects.

Our team helps to develop and produce these key pieces of content for Chicago law firms to ensure attorneys reap the valuable rewards of the credibility they have earned and cut down on the significant administrative burden of these tasks.

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