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The Importance of Chicago Attorney Lateral Integration

It’s common knowledge among law firms that lateral hiring is a key pillar of their strategy. It’s also common knowledge that less than half of lateral hires actually stay or actively contribute to their firm’s growth.

Challenges with Lateral Integration

The cost of acquiring laterals is significant with salary, recruiter fees, partner time and other hidden expenses. Firms can no longer afford to lose laterals along with normal attrition and associate-level departures.

The challenge to retain laterals and create an environment to enhance productivity is greater than ever across the board, and especially in larger firms.

How Builden Can Assist in Chicago Law Firm Lateral Retention

Builden Partners understands this challenge. We pioneered a model for lateral integration based on four key barriers to successful integration. Addressing each barrier, our MAX process gives firms the tools for (M) Messaging, (A) Awareness and (X) eXecution/follow-through. Our 90-day lateral integration timeline keeps the MAX process on track, setting the stage for further client outreach and cross-selling opportunities.

Case Studies

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