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Many midsize law firms in Chicago and beyond are unsure where to start with marketing efforts or have soured on the idea after a coordinator-level marketer was unable to make traction. 

Builden Partners’ process-driven approach to marketing ensures every win, award, thought leadership and other good news becomes a touchpoint for new business opportunities, freeing attorneys up to do what they do best.

Through our Marketing Infrastructure Model, firms develop the framework and processes that capitalize on law firms’ existing activities. When attorneys are in front of their clients and prospects consistently and with the right voice, firms meet and exceed their marketing goals.

We bring an intensely detail-oriented approach to our work to ensure best practices are implemented consistently, whether we execute this for firms on an ongoing basis or turn the process over to an in-house resource.

Our midsize law firm marketing strategy services include:

  • Outsourced Marketing Departments
    • Firms with fewer than 150 attorneys find outsourcing the marketing department to be a better value than managing in-house staff
    • These firms benefit from our tiered team, giving them access to senior-level strategic thinking plus coordinator-level pricing for day-to-day marketing tactics
    • Our Marketing Infrastructure Model allows firms to better leverage the good work attorneys are already doing
  • Website Redesign
    • Many firms need a new website but worry about the cost and time burden on attorneys
    • We leverage our experience managing law firm website redesign and branding projects to source the right vendors and develop the branding elements, web features and content that will resonate with clients and talent
    • We lead the project to ensure:
      • Attorneys are not burdened with day-to-day redesign management issues
      • Law firm websites convey a cohesive and consistent brand image using modern graphic design
      • The website has the right foundation to adapt and function with firm growth
      • The project stays on time and on budget
  • Interim Marketing Leadership
    • Our senior team helps bridge the gap when firms are down a CMO or Marketing Director, including stepping in during maternity leaves
    • Implementing our Marketing Infrastructure Model sets the permanent candidate up for success
    • We source and vet candidates for full-time marketing roles
  • Law Firm Launches and Rebrands
    • We are skilled at developing websites, branding, content, collateral and other marketing elements necessary to launch a firm or rebrand an existing firm allowing attorneys to focus on billable work and porting their clients
    • Our Marketing Infrastructure Model allows firms to maximize the impact of the launch and ensure consistent touchpoints with clients and prospects moving forward
  • Marketing Department Audits
    • Conducting a deep dive of the people, processes and technology within in-house marketing departments to assess how resources are allocated
    • Analyzing business development, marketing, public relations and internal communications using a 16-point checklist
    • Developing an actionable report with long-term strategies and opportunities for quick wins
    • Create actionable plans for digital collateral, including social media platforms, newsletters, bulletins and media relations
    • Analyze current marketing commitments such as advertisements and sponsorships, provide recommendations for opportunities and negotiate contracts
  • Turnkey Law Firm Marketing / Marketing in a Box
    • For smaller firms that need a roadmap for a successful marketing strategy, we build the marketing foundation and train in-house resources to execute tactics moving forward
    • This turnkey solution works well for small firms that want to jump-start their marketing efforts
  •  Business Development Strategy
    • Develop strategy for RFP process
    • Review pitch proposal materials
    • Enhance client service excellence through client teams
    • Business development coaching programs focused on improving cross-marketing

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